Properties of Biomaterials

Biomaterials are mainly used in tissue growth and delivery of drugs, biomaterial properties are also a great impact on cell growth and proliferation of tissues. Physical properties are of size, shape, surface, compartmentalization, etc. Mechanical properties include elastic modulus, hardness, fatigue, fracture toughness, etc. Biosensors are the analytical devices which can convert biological responses into electrical signals. Nanotopography means the surface characters that are formed at the nanoscopic scale. It is having applications in the field of medicine and cell engineering. It can be produced by using various techniques such as etching, plasma functionalization, etc. Surface properties include surface tension, surface characterization, charge-charge interaction, etc. Biohybrid materials or Bioconjugates are those substances which are produced by linking of biogenic and non- biogenic compounds through a chemical bond. Bio-inspired materials are the synthetic ones which look similar to that of the natural materials or living matter in case of structure, function, and properties.

  • Bio Hybrid Materials
  • Bio-tribology
  • Biomaterials: Nano Topography
  • Biosensors
  • Physical properties of Biomaterials
  • Bioconjugates
  • Mechanical properties of Biomaterials
  • Surface properties of Biomaterials
  • Molecular imprinting on surfaces
  • Emerging Materials

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