Biomaterials are substances that act and react with the biological system either as a section of medical device or as a part to interchange or repair any damaged organs or tissues. Biomaterials are often derived either naturally or synthetically. Natural Biomaterials are silk, gelatin, etc. whereas the artificial ones are the various polymers. Bioceramics like  Bio glass, alumina ,oxide are used for repairing damaged parts of musculoskeletal system and additionally utilized in dental and orthopaedic fields. Biocomposites are designed by using resin and natural fibers. It is non-wood natural fibers (rice, wheat, coconut, etc.) or wood fibers (magazines, soft and arduous woods). Metals are main alternative for biomaterials in fields of dental, orthopaedic, cardiac implants. As metals will result in wear, corrosion, therefore surface coating and modification of metals are necessary for medical applications.


  • Biomaterials Applications
  • Implants
  • Biomedical Materials
  • Cell-Biomaterials interaction
  • Tissue-Implant Interactions

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