Dental Biomaterials

Dental caries is the most common and widespread biofilm-dependent oral disease which causes  destruction of tooth structure by the acidic attack from cariogenic bacteria.It remains a challenging problem and the adult population facing this problem is enormous and despite of having advances in caries prevention and tooth restoration,treatments continue to pose  is a substantial burden to healthcare.Amalgam is the most commonly used silver grey material in the field of dentistry.With an increase in clinical need for dental patient,a variety of novel dental biomaterials have been developed.These biomaterials should be stable and easily compactible with oral environment.The biomaterials which are in current use are Zirconia, resin composites, titanium alloys etc..


  • Dental adhesives
  • Zirconia in dentistry
  • Dental cements
  • Preventive dental materials
  • Nanoidentation techniques

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